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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Coaching For Higher Training

I think its about 5months after we completed attending the programmed called " Coaching For Higher Training"...I'm really hope that my writes could recap the syllabus for myself, public & frens who interested in this topic...These 2 days courses is concentrates more on leader's roles & responsibilities in developing staff performance-coaching principles & process-Coaching enablers-coaching tools-coaching skills:case study & role play-coaching assessment-and lastly, managing staff performance development plan. Talking about the program introduction: Most leaders in organisation are aware the importance of the people aspect when delivering their task. At times as pressure mounts from dealing with a heavy work schedule and customer's expectations, the importance of the people value seems to be forgotten.

As this continues to build up, some leaders put greater emphasis on delivering the task rather than the people who are delivering it.

When this becomes the leadership culture, staffs would start to resent and resist their leaders. This in turn, will force leaders to rely more on their power(rather than influence) to force or ensure that job are done according to given specification.

As two days course running smoothly, we had enjoyed all the games which is relate to ourself and the people around us included our staff/boss..Ive also taken down some quotes which is really inspired and motivate me..

"No matter how good u get, u can always get better & that's the exciting part"tiger woods.

I've taken some pictures for my record ...here comes the pics

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