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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Perihal KPI


Damn lame x mencoretkan sepatah coretan di blog ini..
Seriously sangat2 rinduuu...So sorry coz tersangat2 lah bzz..walaupun en. suami berada nun jauh dimata, namun perihal kerjaya punya angkara..

Today, I've achieved my KPI..There are frens who texted me and show their concern abaout that...Thanks those who spent your sms for that..Really appreciate that..

Yes, I'm satisfied with what I'am doing now, I've achieved all the KPI, but..the question is..why my feeling is not there...is it because of I'm not enjoy doing that? No! I've Fun with the preparation!but what about the event itself?


there r only one reason here....which is i'm just realized...This is the best time to move! Yes frens, you are rite!!!


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  1. Huhuhu company gonna loose another shining star... But WTH kui kui kui